Little Rocky Island

Nova Scotia | Canada East/Central

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  • Size approx. 7.7 acres
  • Price
    • CAD 98,000
    • EUR 66,830
    • USD 77,804
    • CYP 66,830
    • GBP 59,887
    • SEK 642,861
    • CHF 73,854
    • AUD 98,234
    • BRL 242,093
    • NZD 104,589
    • FJD 66,830
  • Location Halifax County
  • Country/State Nova Scotia
  • Region Canada East/Central

Part of the charming Rocky Island group, Little Rocky Island’s is home to a picturesque natural beach and an elevation which stretches across the whole of the island. The eastern point of this elevation lends itself perfectly to construction, offering the perfect location for a quaint island cottage with unhindered views of the Atlantic Ocean below.   Characterised by the craggy landscapes which gave the Rocky Island group their name, Little Rocky Island is afforded a great sense of protection from the occasionally temperamental Atlantic weather patterns, sheltered safely against the threat of storms and rough seas by its two rugged bigger brothers.

On the nearby mainland at Port Dufferin, it is possible to find a motel and a restaurant with breath-taking views of the island chain. A great starting point to reach the island via boat, Port Dufferin is also lies close to a coastal shop which is accessible via boat – perfect for a spot of convenience shopping.   Slightly further afield, the town of Sheet Harbour is also easily accessible, offering a supermarket, a liquor shop a petrol station and even a small construction company who one could perhaps engage for the creation of your island cottage. Furthermore, the provincial capital of Halifax is also within a practical distance, requiring only a 90 minute car journey to reach the international airport.


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