Castle in the Main Valley

3.86 acres; 5,170 sqm floor space
EUR 5,500,000 Offers subject to errors, omissions, price changes or withdrawal without notice.

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near Schweinfurt, Bavaria
Europe & Atlantic Ocean
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The castle is situated about 2 miles east of Schweinfurt, near the river Main. It includes an active restaurant business, a high-class exclusive family apartment as well as guest apartments. All apartments are luxuriously furnished. The castle has a floor space of approx. 5,170 sqm (55,649 sq ft), while the property itself is 3.86 acres.

The castle was first mentioned in records in 1245. Originally, it was a fortification taking the form of a keep, which is still preserved today. It is estimated that it was built between 900 and 1000 AD. After several extensions the castle was given its present form with the three gables between 1480 and 1486.

The complex has four wings and a bailey with auxiliary buildings (servants' quarters). To the east and south the ground is sloping. Outside the castle walls is a two-storey garage building, boiler house and several parking spaces.
The castle includes:
• walls of quarry stone (up to 3.5 m in thickness)
• stairs made of natural stone and wood
• cross vault, massive wooden ceilings with partially open beams
• wooden roof trusses and towers with slate roofs
• rain gutters and rainwater pipes made of copper
• composite windows with massive wooden frames, some with ornate stained glass
• real wood panelling
• ornate murals
• marble paneling
• magnificent marble baths with silver faucets
• hand-painted Delftware panels
• parquet floors, natural stone and massive hardwood floors from the original construction period
• modernized central heating with natural
• well house with gothic cross-vault ceiling; historical, completely functional distillery along with right to distill spirits; taproom and dining room.