Herrhamra Archipelago

Schweden | Europa: Atlantik

Swedish island dream in the southern archipelago of Stockholm

This unique opportunity includes 25 islands and skerries, a total of 24 hectares of land south of Ankarudden at the southern tip of Torö and northeast of Öja, Landsort. The main island, Träviksskär, offers five different houses - a charming main house, two guest houses, a large sauna and a boathouse.

Walking around the islands you will be impressed by the beauty of the barren cliffs, the low vegetation and the views of the sea in all directions. Explore the surrounding skerries by boat and enjoying magnificent views of the horizon while swimming or fishing. There is plenty of space for fishing nets and boat equipment in the boathouse. A short path leads up from the bridge to the residential buildings.

This beautiful archipelago offers undisturbed privacy, while Ankarudden on South Torö - only a few minutes away – can be accessed by boat and car. Here you will find a restaurant and store as well as excursion boats to Landsort. Far away on the horizon, you can see the Gotland boats on their way to and from Nynäshamn and the occasional cargo ship on the way to Södertälje. The location between Torö and Landsort, secluded and far away from the nearest developed island, offers the highest level of privacy one could wish for in the archipelago – all while being close to Landsort, the restaurant on Ankarudden and the stores and bakeries of Nynäshamn. An unbeatable combination!

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