Vatuvara Private Islands

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Vatuvara, Kanacea and Adavaci, the Vatuvara Private Islands, are located in the pristine Northern Lau Group of Fiji.

Freehold Islands package opportunity breakdown.

Vatuvara Island: 1,200 acres

Kanacea Island: 3,085 acres

Adavaci Island: 102 acres

Vatuvara Foundation included in the sale


Nestled within Fiji's Lau archipelago and the scenic 'Bay of Islands', is the pristine freehold Adavaci Island. This freehold island has several white sand beaches, tropical gardens and views out to the picturesque lagoons and coral reefs. Adavaci Island is an impressive 102 acres of tropical land, untouched by commercial tourism.


Kanacea Island is made up of seven volcanic summits rising to 259m, creating a lush, green landscape. This 3,085 acre island is circled by white sandy beaches, fringing reefs and a

large lagoon with deep water access to the remains of an old jetty on the north eastern side of the island.


This island is a stunning unspoiled 1,200 acre freehold island covered in overgrown forest over karst limestone, with a prominent vertical 1,000 ft summit. It has outstanding white sandy beaches within a protected lagoon; no deep-water passage to enter lagoon. Surrounding coral reefs are abundant with marine life, being protected and preserved in their natural state.

This is the jewel in the crown and arguably the most beautiful island in Fiji. There is a caretaker in residence, home with solar and rain harvest water.


The Vatuvara Foundation is a registered local charitable trust with a vision to safeguard the region’s marine resources for future generations and impact change in the local communities.

The Lau Group has been identified as an area of national significance and high priority for marine protection, and the Foundation demonstrates a successful model linking tourism with sustainable conservation activities.

The Vatuvara Foundation is committed to protect and revive the ocean through a network of marine protected areas and provide innovative ridge to reef solutions that promote awareness and empower local communities.




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