Hanikatsi Island

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Hanikatsi - eine außergewöhnliche Privatinsel in Estland zu verkaufen

Surrounded by the shallow waters of the West Estonian Archipelago Hanikatsi Island can be found not far from Haapsalu, within Estonia’s protected biosphere area. Occupied since 1623, the island’s previous inhabitants made use of Hanikatsi for farming, haymaking, cattle / sheep farming and fishing, due to the region’s plentiful fish stocks.

The island also once hosted a guest house as part of the winter road which once connected the archipelago’s more distant islets to the Estonian mainland, but has stood empty since 1965, aside from occasional visits from grazing sheep and maintenance workers, who have kept the grounds in pristine condition.

Hanikatsi is home to eight small buildings (which could, in time, be renovated) and a historical windmill, constructed in 1888. Future owners will be expected to continue with the upkeep of the mill, but will, in return, receive a series of subsidies from the European Union, including a sheep grant, wood grant, a maintenance grant and a mowing grant.

A set of farm buildings can also be found on the island, albeit within a smaller state-owned land parcel (1.04 ha) which is not currently up for sale. The new owner of Hanikatsi Island, will however be able to rent this remaining parcel, because the Republic of Estonia intends to place it up for sale.

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