Nanuku Levu Island

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The carte blanche to develop your dream island in Fiji

Situated in paradisiacal surroundings, the 10.5 acre Nanuku Levu Island can be found towards the bottom of the Heemskerg Reef, just east of Vanua Levu, one of Fiji’s largest islands. Currently home to a modest 3 bedroom house and a seven bed bure, Nanuku Levu has a 99 year tourism lease with 77 years left to run. Building is not simply permissible, but rather encouraged by the local authorities, giving you the carte blanche to develop the island into a dream tourist destination.

Of the current constructions, the three-bedroom cottage is topped with a corrugated iron roof, designed to capture as much rainwater as possible and supply the two 5,000 litre fiberglass tanks. Further to the three bedrooms, the cottages is home to a basic kitchen, a lounge area and a basic shower room complete with wash basin and composting toilet facility. The seven-bed bure offers similar sanitation facilities.

Both the bure and the cottage are powered by a 240 and a 12 Volt electricity supply, with energy sourced from the island’s wind generator and solar panels. Further power is supplied by a small generator, stored through a battery and inverter system. A series of kitchen utensils and appliances are already on hand, including a gas stove, a stainless steel double sink, a freezer and various items of crockery and cutlery. Mattresses, bedding and other sundry furniture can also be found on the island.

With incredible conditions for surfing in the near vicinity and plenty of unspoiled nature to discover, the island lends itself perfectly for conversion into either a surf-resort or a boutique getaway. Fiji boasts a very special pedigree when it comes to tourism opportunities and, with no rates or local body charges standing in the way, Nanuku Levu promises to make all of your private island dreams come true.

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