Tavanipupu Island

Salomon Inseln | Pazifischer Ozean

Enchanting and seductive – a taste of the South East

Quaint, remote, untouched and serene, Tavanipupu is an island for the discerning – a “real” experience, far removed from the more-established resorts of the Indian Ocean. This is an island where the staff paddles to work in dugout canoes and have never eaten in a restaurant or experienced most of what the modern world takes for granted.  It is as untouched as any place in the world where you can sleep in a king sized bed and have a fridge in your room, calling like a siren to lure men and women to her beautiful shores. With famous guests ranging from Prince William & Kate Middleton, Paul Allen and Diane Furstenburg all dropping by to this incredible Pacific paradise, Tavanipupu promises an incredible experience that will stay with you forever.

off the market
Prices begin at only AUD 450 per bungalow (based on two people sharing). For exclusive island rental, prices start from AUD 4,000 plus local taxes for 16 guests across the island’s 8 bungalows.

Arguably the Pacific Ocean’s best kept secret (well, it was until Prince William and his beautiful wife Kate arrived for a memorable stay), Tavanipupu is located in the Marau Sound in the Solomon Islands. Only a short 25-minute flight away from the Solomon capital, Honiara, this tropical paradise is surrounded by an enchanting turquoise lagoon and the crystalline waters of the Coral Sea.

With seven incredible bungalows and one exquisite villa to choose from, Tavanipupu is the perfect destination for couples, adventurers and groups celebrating that extra special occasion – capable of housing a maximum of 16 guests, the island can be rented exclusively, guaranteeing a vacation never to forget. The charming bungalows range from double rooms to divine king-sized suites. The villa is undoubtedly the jewel in the crown of Tavanipupu’s accommodation options, offering its own kitchen and a deck built over the crystal clear waters of the Coral Sea.

Seafood fans will not be disappointed by the array of freshly sourced culinary delights served up on Tavanipupu. Plucked daily from the depths of the Pacific Ocean, the colourful combination of crustaceans and other tasty sea life is lovingly prepared and presented by Tavanipupu’s team of highly qualified chefs. With a delightful selection of imported cuisine and a well-stocked wine cellar to complement the magnificent meals, eat, drink and be merry is very much the order of the day here. Breakfast is served at your convenience in a picturesque location of your choice, whereas lunch and dinner are served in the romantic atmosphere of Tavanipupu’s restaurant bure, providing guests with the perfect opportunity to mingle with other like-minded island lovers.

Protected by a giant reef, the crystalline waters of the Marau Sound positively invite guests to explore the colourful corals and incredible creatures that call the reef their home. Teeming with sea life almost extinct on planet earth, you will find sea turtles, dugongs, dolphins, pilot whales and a plethora of vividly coloured tropical fish merely a few feet from the elegant bungalows which grace the shores. With opportunities for unforgettable boat excursions of the Sound, chartered fishing tours, snorkelling and incredible scuba diving for all certified divers, on Tavanipupu, you will experience nature as never before. Surfers too will find plenty to fall in love with on this magnificent island, with the best times to hit the waves falling between October and April. Guests will also be offered the chance to get to grips with the rich culture of the Solomon Islands, with visits to native villages, cycling tours across the bush tracks of the Guadalcanal mainland and excursions to a host other enchanting uninhabited tropical isles. The massage facilities on the island provide another tempting opportunity to wind down and really enjoy the freedom of island life.

Best Time To Travel
The dry season extends from the end of May until early December, forming the best time to visit the Solomon Islands. During this time, the weather is at its most spectacular and is almost free of rain.

How To Get There
Guests flying in from the Europe and the US are recommended to first fly to Australia, where the selection of flights to the Solomon Islands is much more frequent and reliable. Both Virgin Australia and the Solomon Islands offer regular, non-stop flights between Brisbane and the Solomon capital, Honiara. From there, guests will board an 8-seater Islander Aircraft, courtesy of Solomon Airlines, transferring them to the Marau Sound and offering spectacular views in the process.

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