Ball's Island

New York State | USA

  • Größe 2,8 ha, Wohnfläche: ca. 70 qm
  • Lage Susquehanna River
  • Land/Staat New York State
  • Region USA

Lovely old house on a river island, only 3 hours north of Manhattan

7 acre private island featured in National Geographic Magazine, with Historic 3 Bedroom Home.
Only 3 owners have had the privilege of stewardship of this unique property since the home was built in the early 1930's. The whitewashed Sears-Roebuck home stands in a sunny meadow amid the ancient forest, incredibly preserved by its owners.
Stepping ashore and walking the quiet footpath beneath the canopy of giant pines leading to this magical home, is a sensation like no other.
It feels like a departure from the current cares of the world or even to another era entirely.
Don't be fooled though, the home is equipped with every modern convenience one could want. To arrive at the island from the rest of the world, one can ferry across by flat bottomed boat or by sky in the aerial tramway.

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