Secret Island

Belize | Zentralamerika

Private Island with Development Potential in the Caribbean Sea

Secret Island is just a few miles off the coast of Belize, in the Caribbean Sea. It is currently an undeveloped island, but this place has great potential for a variety of reasons.

It is geographically close to the mainland (seven miles), so shipping building materials and people are only a 20-minute boat ride.

The island is surrounded by red mangroves on the perimeter, with black mangroves and grass throughout the island. You can walk 30 yards out and still be in only knee deep water.

There is plenty of room to build a few houses, a great area for a beach, and a natural cove with deep water that makes a great place to build a dock. There are also several islands within a mile of the island.

The location is beautiful, the island is exactly how you would picture a tropical island to be, and Belize is paradise. If you are not familiar with Belize, you should be.

Easy access from the United States daily from both Houston and Miami.




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