Finnland | Europa: Atlantik

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  • Größe 7,5 ha
  • Preis
    • EUR 4.900.000
    • USD 5.805.520
    • GBP 4.412.450
    • CAD 7.790.020
    • SEK 50.389.150
    • CHF 5.276.810
    • AUD 8.079.120
    • BRL 29.997.310
    • NZD 8.707.790
    • FJD 11.662.000
    • CNY 40.492.130
    • RUB 429.681.000
    • NOK 53.361.000
  • Lage Ingå
  • Land/Staat Finnland
  • Region Europa: Atlantik

The Finnish island of Estskär is located about 1.5 hours drive from Helsinki airport and is therefore easily accessible. Not far from the island, on the mainland, is the village of Ingå, which offers restaurants, a hotel and smaller cultural activities. The area around the island is very popular in Finland itself and since 1970, no entire private island has been offered for sale, only single plots.

Several jetties offer mooring possibilities also for sailing boats, as the water depth on the north side of the island is about 5 meters. Estskär is 7.5 hectares in size and a true nature experience. Many bird species live on the island, such as falcon, sea eagle and woodpecker, some of which are protected. There are a total of 6 houses on the island, each located at the coast but also integrated into the forest landscape, making them hardly visible from the outside. Nevertheless, large window fronts offer each house a spectacular view of the island coast. The majority of the houses have their own sauna, which emphasizes the Scandinavian charm of Estskär. The island has always been inhabited during the summer months, so all houses are in good to very good condition.


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