Norwegen | Europa: Atlantik

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  • Größe ca. 0,96 ha
  • Preis
    • NOK 8.250.000
    • EUR 757.576
    • USD 897.576
    • GBP 682.197
    • CAD 1.204.394
    • SEK 7.790.530
    • CHF 815.833
    • AUD 1.249.091
    • BRL 4.637.803
    • NZD 1.346.288
    • FJD 1.803.030
    • CNY 6.260.379
    • RUB 66.431.818
  • Lage Manger, nahe Bergen
  • Land/Staat Norwegen
  • Region Europa: Atlantik

Magnificent private island complete with two cabins, heated pool, boathouse and floating pier

Grønholmane is a 9,585 sqm private island with beautiful rock formations and stunning nature. The island boasts an extensive upgraded outdoor area that can be easily maintained. Enjoy the sunshine in undisturbed surroundings from morning to evening. Regardless of wind direction, the island offers many sheltered areas. Both the cottages as well as the terrace areas offer stunning views of the ocean.

The island offers a main cabin, guest cabin, boathouse, heated pool and pier – a perfect setting for wonderful holiday memories with family and friends. It is also possible to rent or buy land with a boat and car park on the mainland, just 900 meters from the island.

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