Norwegen | Europa: Atlantik

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  • Größe 9,31 ha
  • Preis
    • NOK 30.000.000
    • EUR 2.754.821
    • USD 3.263.912
    • GBP 2.480.716
    • CAD 4.379.614
    • SEK 28.329.201
    • CHF 2.966.667
    • AUD 4.542.149
    • BRL 16.864.738
    • NZD 4.895.592
    • FJD 6.556.474
    • CNY 22.765.014
    • RUB 241.570.248
  • Lage Vestland
  • Land/Staat Norwegen
  • Region Europa: Atlantik

A complete island community with immense possibilities. Truly a rare opportunity!

A picturesque private island located close to Bergen, «the capitol» of the Norwegian Westland. Ulvsnes Island lies perfectly positioned in the middle of Sørfjorden (South fjord), one of Norway’s breath-taking fjords. The island lies protected from the elements by steep mountainside diving directly into the crystal clear water.

Ulvsnes Island is just a short boat ride from the mainland in Vaksdal, where there is both a parking space, and docking for your boat, and the island is easily accessible from Bergen Intl. Airport; by train, car, boat or helicopter/seaplane.

The property has been operated as a fully functional farm with animal husbandry and cultivated land, and has been in full use to date. The property includes a very large main building, 5 free standing dwellings, a barn, workshops, storage houses, garages, boathouse and utilities-building, in addition to several greenhouses, a playground, a smokehouse and sheds. The island has been adapted for ECO-farm operations and has recently had horses, sheep, alpacas, pigs and poultry as well as several greenhouses for organic food production.

Around the island there are beautiful hiking trails, several bathing areas and a big wharf.

The island of Ulvsnes has a history stretching back thousands of years. It is believed to have once been a Crown Land, and later the island was under church rule, before being built as a boarding school for «naughty boys» in 1881. Since 1982 the island functioned as a low security prison until last year.

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