Mon Josephine

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Prime real estate with a view    

Here is a rare chance to invest in prime land on a high peak on the main island of Mahé called ‘Mon Josephine’. The site is positioned on the crest of the mountain with breath-taking views encompassing the whole of the capital, Victoria and many surrounding islands towards the north-east.

The land provides the opportunity to create a magnificent Estate. Alternatively, a development of multiple dwellings for permanent residence as well as holiday accommodation could be built.

A draft development proposal has been designed by way of example to illustrate what can be achieved to maximize the value of the land. The future occupants will reap the benefit of years of architectural refinement.

With the Island culture embedded in the design, the landscaping intends to complement the architecture and will host the tropical shrubs, trees, fruit trees, herbs, flowers and many different species of palm trees found in Seychelles. The lush greenery with the perfumes and fragrances from the gardens will become an integral part of the proposed homes. Modern appliances, gas and electric plus other conveniences will be supplied.



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