Koitere Island

Finnland | Europa: Atlantik

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  • Größe7,69 ha
  • Preis
    • EUR 2.300.000
    • USD 2.672.140
    • GBP 1.936.140
    • CAD 3.303.030
    • SEK 22.965.040
    • CHF 2.457.320
    • AUD 3.556.950
    • BRL 14.862.600
    • NZD 3.719.560
    • FJD 5.474.000
    • CNY 17.048.520
    • RUB 185.475.910
    • NOK 22.270.440
    • XPF 275.034.000
  • LageLake Koitere, Nord-Karelien
  • Land/Staat Finnland
  • Region Europa: Atlantik


Lake Koitere, ”The Pearl of Northern Carelia”, is one of the seven wonders of Finland selected by the Finnish Tourist Association and Finnair in 1973. Koitere is a wonderful lake with around 100 islands and KOITERE ISLAND is one of the most beautiful of them.

Lapinniemi, where Koitere is situated, has a long history. Thousands of years ago, it was a refuge for the Saami people and later on, it became an important area for fishing and agriculture. After that, the area was used as a very popular campsite with some cottages until 2015 when it was closed in order to renew the purpose of the place.

Koitere is situated in the middle of a natural landscape in North Karelia, Eastern Finland. It is a 19- hectare island, accessible by a private road on a small bridge. The island has been regularly used and inhabited by the owner for 20 years, so all current facilities are in good condition and ready for occupancy. On the island there is a main house (320 square meters) as well as four storage buildings and a Finnish sea sauna. Electricity and drinking water are secured. There is the possibility to develop the island further, since additional building permissions have already been obtained.






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