Cape Negro Island

Nova Scotia | Kanada Ost/Zentral

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Cape Negro Island is a sprawling, 773-acre freehold private island located towards the southernmost point of Nova Scotia (Canada), in picturesque Shelburne County.

Situated close to the mainland at North East Harbour and with excellent infrastructure opportunities only a short boat journey away, Cape Negro Island is a very attractive prospect indeed. The provincial capital, Halifax, and its international airport are approx. 270 km away. The town of Yarmouth - which boasts a regional airport and a ferry terminal - is closer still and located just 105 km away.

The property actually comprises two islands, each of the which boasts a markedly different landscape. The northern island is characterised by dense mixed forest, whereas the southern island is dominated by a rugged, rocky scenery. The two “halves” are connected by a narrow sandy strip of land, approximately 500 m in length.

A series of protected coves and beaches can also be found on the island, as well as a marshy pond which serves as a natural habitat for various rare and migratory avian species.

Due to its size (approx. 4 km by 1.6 km), elevation (over 25 m above sea level) and location, the island lends itself perfectly for development – either as a private dwelling or a small holiday community. It may even be possible to construct an air-strip on the island (subject to planning and aviation authority permission).


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