Swain’s Cay

Bahamas | Karibik

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  • Größe1,2 ha
  • Preis
    • USD 2.000.000
    • EUR 1.897.353
    • GBP 1.601.366
    • CAD 2.564.652
    • SEK 19.807.039
    • CHF 1.984.062
    • AUD 2.844.702
    • BRL 9.984.062
    • NZD 3.142.207
    • FJD 4.515.701
    • CNY 13.452.044
    • RUB 222.371.691
    • NOK 19.311.261
    • XPF 226.885.495
  • LageMangrove Cay, Andros
  • Land/Staat Bahamas
  • Region Karibik

Private Island off Andros

Swain’s Cay is a 3-acre private island situated in the beautiful and tranquil waters off of Andros Island in the Bahamas. Swain’s Cay basks in natural beauty, peace, and seclusion, yet offers easy accessibility by boat… or by plane at the nearby airport of Mangrove Cay… or by seaplane! The surrounding sea dazzles with different shades of turquoise and blue hues and there are three blue holes within swimming distance. The iridescent surrounding waters teem with aquatic life for the enjoyment of the nature lover, diver, or fisherman.

There is a 2 bed 2 bath 1,000sf house on the island that is in need of repair. Remodel plans and renderings are available. There are also two large 10' x 20' x 3' water cisterns. To own one’s own private island getaway in a tropical paradise is a dream many have but few get to experience. The benefits of owning a private island include not only the fulfillment of this dream but also privacy, security, and the creation of an enduring family legacy for generations to come. Swain’s Cay is an opportunity to enjoy a unique and coveted lifestyle in the Bahamas.

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