Motu Pakirikiri

Französisch Polynesien | Pazifischer Ozean

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  • Größe 1,4 ha
  • Preis
    • EUR 200.000
    • USD 236.960
    • GBP 180.100
    • CAD 317.960
    • SEK 2.056.700
    • CHF 215.380
    • AUD 329.760
    • BRL 1.224.380
    • NZD 355.420
    • FJD 476.000
    • CNY 1.652.740
    • RUB 17.538.000
  • Lage Manihi Atoll, Tuamotu-Archipel
  • Land/Staat Französisch Polynesien
  • Region Pazifischer Ozean

This private island, located in the Tuamotu's, Manihi, is bordered on the North-west by a turquoise lagoon and on its South-eastern side by the vibrant South Pacific Ocean. The pristine waters are teaming with a wide variety of fish: tuna, marlin, ray, dolphin, whale, etc.

Totally devoid of any human presence, it is a perfect environment for relaxation, simple essential life style and deep sense of peace and harmony with nature. It is relatively close to Tahiti international airport and at a very affordable price that will allow you to conceive your dream home, whether it be simple or extravagant.

Motu Pakirikiri can be reached in approx. 20 mins by boat from Manihi airport. It is an approx. 1 hour 10 mins flight from the capital Papeete.

The population of Manihi atoll is approx. 650 and the people are very friendly.

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