Hatobanari Island

Japan | Pazifischer Ozean

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  • Größe 8.104 qm
  • Preis
    • EUR 1.100.000
    • USD 1.303.280
    • GBP 990.550
    • CAD 1.748.780
    • SEK 11.311.850
    • CHF 1.184.590
    • AUD 1.813.680
    • BRL 6.734.090
    • NZD 1.954.810
    • FJD 2.618.000
    • CNY 9.090.070
    • RUB 96.459.000
    • NOK 11.979.000
  • Lage Okinawa Prefektur
  • Land/Staat Japan
  • Region Pazifischer Ozean

Unique Private Island in Japan

While it is located just a 5 minute boat ride off the coast of Iriomote island and its touristic infrastructure, not far from the airport of Ishigaki, this island provides the same feeling of tranquility and remoteness as an island located at the end of the world. A true pharmacy for the soul.

The island has a freehold title and is located outside of the national park boundaries. A building permit for a private residence will be granted. 

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