Aguara Sur

Argentinien | Südamerika

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  • Größe ca. 2.430 ha
  • Preis Preis auf Anfrage
  • Lage Nahe Helvecia, Santa Fe
  • Land/Staat Argentinien
  • Region Südamerika

The river island Aguara Sur is located about 600 km north of Buenos Aires and 90 km from Santa Fe international airport, between Helvecia and San Javier, on an arm of the river Paraná. It can be reached in 5 minutes by boat from the nearby village, Saladero Cabal.
The island is a true natural paradise, inhabited by various species of waterfowl and situated in waters rich in fish. There are several possible uses for the island, such as raising cattle (about 1,500 heads) and beekeeping, leasing the land for cultivation and farming, or as a destination for groups of hunters and anglers.
Building permits for a house can be obtained.

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