Isla Itamalal

Chile | Südamerika

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  • Größe 40 ha
  • Preis USD 2.900.000 + Steuern (sollten sie anfallen)
  • Lage Valdivia
  • Land/Staat Chile
  • Region Südamerika

Isla Itamalal is located 20 minutes by boat from the coast of the city of Valdivia in the south of Chile. The island is functionally divided into a farm operation part (about 20 ha) and another with reconstituted native forest and natural state.

Currently, there is a lot division/subdivision for a housing project approved for construction

- Caretaker's house with wind power generation

- Galpón/Shed of 400 m² of living for events

- Grill of 20 m²

- Galpones/Storage and agricultural machinery

- Deep well and ponds (40,000 liters)

- Lift with electric pump and wind

- Dock – docking and landing for larger vehicles

- Inner road

- 20 ha of native forest planted ten years ago and mixed with native shrubs and trees of at least 50 years

- 3 ha of apple trees in production

- 2 ha of apple trees of 3 years

- 0.5 ha of blueberries

- 1 ha of several fruits (mainly cherry)


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