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Oswego Island is perhaps the perfect respite to enjoy the simple pleasures of everyday living. Located in one of the Northern Hemisphere’s most remote locations, Bermuda is the perfect place to truly get away from it all. With truly tropical weather conditions, glittering seas of sapphire and an incredible residence like no other, this private island is truly something special indeed.

Prices start from US 1,250 per night. Please contact a member of the Vladi Private Islands Travel Team for further details.

Oswego Island is situated within the tranquil Smith's Sound. Perfectly secluded and far from prying eyes, this high-class island hideaway lies between St. David’s Island and Smith's island, deep within the mysterious Bermuda Triangle.

The star attraction on Oswego Island is without a doubt its incredible island residence. Designed by the award-winning architect Jacob Hocking, Oswego House has attracted acclaim from a vast array of industry insiders, featuring heavily within The Bermudian Magazine’s Interior Design Awards 2012. Designed to let the outside in, one of the most stunning features of Oswego House is the folding glass wall, allowing for a fluid tradition between the chic interior and the spacious outdoor porch area. This, alongside the retractable folding doors allows for a gentle flow of island air to flow through the property, keeping you cool at all times. Other highlights within this stunning property include the grand staircase, the modern, open-plan kitchen and the series of generously-sized en-suite bedrooms. A beautiful harmony of traditional Bermudian architecture with contemporary modern design, this property is well and truly something to fall in love with. Home to three grand bedrooms, Oswego House is capable of housing a maximum of 3 couples and 2 children, although the option of further cots and children’s beds remains open.

The majority of guests prefer to book Oswego Island on a self-catering basis, but there are other options available, including pre-stocking with a range of prepared ready-meals or catering by a personal chef. On Oswego Island, the customer is king – simply contact us to arrange the island holiday of your dreams.

Surrounded by beautiful turquoise seas, it goes without saying that there are plenty of water-based activities to get to grips with during a stay on Oswego Island. For those keen to get started on their very own island adventure, it’s possible to organize all sorts of adventurous escapades, starting from scuba diving, snorkeling, wakeboarding, tubing and ending with fishing trips and historical boat tours. Furthermore, guests will be provided with a boat and a tank of gas for the duration of their journey, providing a certain degree of competency. Those looking for a more relaxing break are equally well catered for, with fun-filled games room, a well-stocked home cinema and endless possibilities for lazing about in the sun, on the beach or in one of the island’s fabulous hammocks.

How to Get There
A regular service connects the East Coast of America to L.F. Wade International Airport, with flights lasting no longer than 3 hours. It is also possible to fly directly from London to Bermuda, enabling European guests to easily reach their destination in just under 7 hours. Oswego Island itself is located only a mere matter of minutes away from L.F Wade Airport, tucked away in the picturesque Smith Sound.
Best Time To Travel
Bermuda is home to a semi-tropical climate, quite different to that of the Caribbean, thanks in part to its off-land location. The most popular time to visit the island falls within the so-called “summer season” from June through to September, where the temperatures are perfect for a relaxing beach holiday.

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