Denmark | Europe: Atlantic

Watching shorebirds and roe deer on Danish island with summer house 

Egholm Island and its farm Strandgården is a magnificent property of 146 hectares, located on Egholm and Agersø Island. It is a paradise for all who love watching shorebirds, roe deer and other animals. 

The property including more than one summer house is in a peaceful location and the island offers complete privacy for those staying on it. The main and luxurious building has 626 m² living space, as well as normal farm buildings. Additionally, there is not only one summer house right near the sea. In the Strandgården area, there is an extra home with well-maintained farm buildings. All buildings are in excellent condition and are in a great location, some being only a few meters from the sea. The exceptional and bountiful nature on Egholm and north Agersø includes many wild duck and geese, as well as shorebirds, roe deer and wild pheasant. 




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