Middelgrunds Fort

Denmark | Europe: Atlantic

An island created by King Christian IX in 1890 is now for sale.

The largest artificial island in the world, boasts unique natural beauty and birdlife, a well-preserved fortification, a cultural gem to be enjoyed, which offers plenty of activities.

The Island, located just 15 minutes off the coast of the Danish capital and is approximately 70,000 m² with a built-up area of approximately 15,000m².

Middle Ground Fort has been privately owned for the last 8 years, during which the fort has undergone impressive restoration with respect to coastal protection and property refurbishment.

The fortress, which is a well preserved coastal defense, is of great cultural and historical value and therefore protected. This unique property also includes a port that is well-equipped for private and commercial marine purposes.

In recent years, the fortress has primarily served as a hotel, seminar and conference venue.

Many companies have made use of the fort's facilities, such as well-equipped rooms and halls, a modern restaurant, nightclub, bar and billiard lounge, etc. The hotel section includes 88 beds in 24 rooms and a furnished commander dwelling with living quarters in a beautiful maritime style.

The fact that the island can be easily reached by yacht or helicopter with an approved helipad and aerodrome registration (EKMC) also makes it an unsurpassed residence for private individuals.

The fortress features a total of 200 rooms with 4km long hallways, which required 2.5 million tons of solid granite to create.

Photo Copyright by Jakob Kristensen



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