Diana Falls

Colorado | USA

Located just twenty minutes from the Town of Telluride, this property is, literally - at any time of the year - alive with the sound of music.
Between the roar of the waterfall, the industrial commotion of its beavers, the splash of the traveling trout in the streams and the chatter of the sighted Great Gray Owls, eagles, Pine Martens, bear, bobcat, elk and pika … Diana Falls is truly alive with the sound of nature.

Dating back to the late 1800s, the property has intrigued miners and geologists, botanists and biologists. Hiking within its groves of Spruce and Aspen, the traveler might stumble upon the remains of a miner’s cabin (once with old newspapers dating back to the Spanish-American War), the old silver mine itself (believed to be a continuation of Colorado’s Butterfly Mine vein) or the remains of the Galloping Goose railroad track trestles.

Penetrating nearly one half mile into the Mt. Wilson Wilderness Area, the property also houses an 800-foot cliff overlooking the glaciated Ilium Valley, the blazed hiking trails of the Galloping Goose and, of course, its signature sight – Diana Falls itself – a spectacular, natural 50-foot waterfall.

Comprising two separate home sites, both offer unmatched privacy, along with commanding views of the waterfall, the Ophir Needles, Mt. Wilson, the Sunshine Peaks and the beautiful Ames Valley itself.

Waterfalls belong to the most beautiful and impressive wonders of nature on this earth. To view them is both inspirational and calming. Read the following report: „Waterfalls“ by Antanas Sileika, from Cottage Life, October 2010

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