Blockhouse property at Ponhook Lake

Nova Scotia | Canada East/Central

The gorgeous Ponhook Lake - home of beautiful private islands and cozy blockhouses

This well-maintained log home, constructed using high-quality white cedar, can be found at one of the most beautiful lakes in the southern part of Nova Scotia in Canada – Ponhook Lake.  This wonderful residence can be reached by car from the capital city of Halifax, with its international airport, via highways, asphalt roads and well-developed forest roads.

The approx. 10 year old log home stands on the middle of the three lots. The three lots together comprise approx. 13,300 sqm. The other two undeveloped lots could also potentially be developed with a cottage. Electricity and telephone supply the log home via overland cables. Drinking water is available from the island’s own well and can also be taken directly from the lake.

The neighbourhood is characterised by few cottages nearby, whereby several of the houses are lived in all year round. All three of the lots have a natural inclination and the log home with basement has been carefully integrated into the slope. There is a path from the house to the lakefront for easy access. The previous owners have built a small wooden terrace and a boat house directly at the lakeshore - the perfect spot to wind down during those balmy summer evenings. 

The properties can be found in the lake cove “Bear Cove”, offering welcome protection on windy days. The lake itself is about one square kilometer in size and is perfect for canoeing and motor boats. It is also very popular with the locals but never overcrowded. Along the coastline of Ponhook Lake are many untouched beaches and coves to discover. 

The log home lends itself to be utilized either all year round or indeed just in the summer months. It could also be made available for rent. Our travel agency would be happy to offer it for rent to our clients. 
Why not see for yourself and take a look at this cozy, family-friendly but also sophisticated cedar log home, built according to European standards with Canadian flair.

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