Digby Neck Property

Nova Scotia | Canada East/Central

The property, conveniently located on Route 217, has its own seashore (approx. 654 m) and private lake. You can reach the property with your yacht and drop anchor off the coast. This region is perfect for snorkelling, fishing, sailing and all kinds of water sports. The area is also known for its numerous natural beaches (in parts rocky beach) and idyllic coves with sandy beaches. In Nova Scotia, you can still experience pristine nature. Here you will find extensive forests, hilly countryside widely scattered small towns.

The property is located on St. Marys Bay on Digby Neck peninsula. The northern property line runs along Route 217. The landscape is hilly, densely wooded and rising towards the main road. A creek flows from Lake Midway into a small lake that is situated in the lot's centre. The creek runs through a ravine (up to 20 m deep) and flows into Lake Brook Cove in St. Marys Bay. There are also two meadows (approx. 10 acres and 5 acres respectively) on the lot.

We would like to point out that this property has been left to nature for the past 10 years and therefore it can be found in an overgrown state.

Digby Neck Property is located approximately 30 km from Digby. It offers great potential for setting up a tourist-orientated business or sports club. And of course you can build your private residence on a building site with a magnificent view over St. Marys Bay. Road access, power and telephone lines are available. Moreover, it is possible to dam up the lake and install a hydro-electric generator.

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