Johns Lake Island

Nova Scotia | Canada East/Central

Return to nature with this tranquil island

Located to the south of Nova Scotia, Canada’s Atlantic Province, John’s Lake is truly a picture-perfect representation of the land of maple syrup. Located approximately 22 km to the north of Shelburne, a quaint fishing village which once formed the second largest city on the North American continent, there’s plenty to see and do around this picturesque private island. A veritable paradise for nature-lovers and anglers, John’s Lake forms part of the winding Roseway River, offering good quality drinking water and endless possibilities for fun.  

The island itself is a veritable natural paradise. Currently covered in lush vegetation and a diverse selection of trees, John’s Lake Island is the perfect private island destination for those wishing to escape the rat-race and seek solitude in the castaway lifestyle. Easily accessible and close to the shores of John’s Lake, this island forms the ideal location for a regionally typical log-cabin construction. Indeed, planning permission is already in place meaning there is nothing to prevent you from turning your Canadian dream into reality.  

For everything you need to make the island lifestyle as comfortable as possible, Shelburne is accessible via boat or via Nova Scotia’s well-connected transport network. Home to a series of shops, restaurants and construction companies, the sleepy fishing village is ideally positioned for those last minute necessities. For a taste of city life, a trip further afield to either Yarmouth or the provincial capital of Halifax is necessary, with both cities once again only short trip away on the Canadian highway.


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