Loye Island

Nova Scotia | Canada East/Central

A pearl in Canadian sailing waters

This island in its unique location is a "pearl" in the well-known Mahone Bay! This bay has one of the most beautiful landscapes and the best sailing spots in the whole of the Canadian east coast. Numerous other private islands lie in this bay and very pretty small towns can be found on the coast, including the charming towns of Chester with its expensive villas and Mahone Bay, with its yacht club. When you sail from the yacht club you can arrive at Loye Island in 12 minutes (naturally depending on the wind). This is a very well looked after island with a good forest coverage, pretty vegetation and a wonderful sand beach on the mainland side. The island has a well-maintained modern log house, with a ground floor area of about 60 sqm and a first floor gallery area of about 20 sqm. Electricity (provided by a generator), water (a good well) and a septic tank are available.

The capital of the province, Halifax, and the international airport are reachable by car in just over an hour.

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