Shag End Oceanfront Lots

Nova Scotia | Canada East/Central

  • Size Lot 99: approx. 3 acres; Lot 149: approx. 6 acres; Lot 153: 4,65 acres
  • Location Halifax County
  • Country/State Nova Scotia
  • Region Canada East/Central

All Atlantic properties on the Shag End peninsula are located in one of the most beautiful regions of Nova Scotia. The provincial capital Halifax can be reached in just 35 minutes by car - the airport is just a little further away.

There is a golf club directly on the peninsula called "Granite-Springs". (Please see the photos above). All kinds of water sports can done in the secured bays of this magnificent landscape. The properties offer of a network of roads, electricity and telephone connection.

Tranquil oceanfront living in this beautiful seaside subdivision developed on a peninsula which stretches out from Blind Bay and Shad Bay. The community, Shad End, features well maintained private roads which loop through to fine homes and large lots. This particular lot (#149) is 6 acres in size, with several great options for building sites. Enjoy the sea, enjoy the space, enjoy the natural peace. And enjoy it all only 25 minutes from Halifax!

Lot #99 (12.270 qm, 109 m Waterfront): Sold VPI
Lot #149 (24.378 qm, 78 m Waterfront): Sold VPI
Lot #153 (18.818 qm, 93 m Waterfront): Sold

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