Fafa Island

Tonga | Pacific Ocean

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Surrounded by the pristine waters of the South Pacific lies an island steeped in tradition. Home to 13 exquisite lodges created according to traditional Tongan construction principles, the fabulous Fafa Island offers the perfect private island refuge for honeymoons, celebrations or simply that extra special holiday you’ve always dreamed of. Amongst shimmering sands, glistening blue water and lush green vegetation, if you’re searching for a natural haven to unwind in, Fafa Island is the destination for you.

Prices begin at EUR 170 per night, based on two people sharing a deluxe fale.

Located a mere 7 km from the Tongan capital of Nuku’alofa, Fafa Island spreads out over and incredible 18 acres of white, sandy beaches and palm trees which appear to stretch towards the sun. Surrounded by colourful coral reefs which allow for safe swimming and superb snorkelling conditions, this beautiful gem of an island captures the very essence of South Pacific living and allows for a vacation unlike any other.

Amongst the dense vegetation of Fafa Island lurk 13 fales – luxury guest bungalows designed in the Tongan tradition. Making use of only natural products, the fales are a harmony of high ceilings, palm poles, coconut thatched walls and elegant wooden shingle roofs. Created with the ecology of this wonderful island firmly in mind, the bungalows simply blend into the natural surroundings, so that the resort never feels out of place. Powered by a controlled system of energy consumption, combining solar power and natural ventilation, the unspoiled environment of Fafa Island has been built to last. Relax amongst king-sized beds, unwind in the outdoor natural shower and soak in the incredible atmosphere of the South Seas from your deluxe beach beds. For the full Fafa Island experience, check into the Deluxe Honeymoon Fale and enjoy the best sea-views the island has to offer.

Your taste buds will be tantalized by a heavenly fusion of Pacific and European contemporary cuisine, including gourmet sea food dishes like no other. Caught fresh from the turquoise waters of the Pacific, the fish platters served on Fafa Island are truly something special. Washed down with a delicious coconut cocktail on the exotic veranda, the prospect of dining beneath the stars of the South Pacific is a very tasty one indeed!

Whether you’re a fan of the quiet life and can think of nothing better than to relax in a hammock with a good book and a glass of wine, or whether you’ve got a strong sense of adventure, you’ll be taken care of during your stay on Fafa Island. Whilst the sun-seekers unwind on the beach or enjoy a well-deserved massage with views of the ocean, the thrill-seekers have the pick of bush-trails, whale-watching, scuba-diving and a whole range of other water-based activities. Some of our favourites are as follows:

•    Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or an absolute beginner, Fafa Island’s range of paddle boats, sailing boats and even a catamaran can all be hired, allowing you to set sail on your own South Sea adventure

•    Get up close and personal with the colourful corals and the tropical fish that call it their home with a snorkelling or scuba diving experience. Supervised by a local diving school, you could even explore the nearby uninhabited islands too

•    Take a daytrip beyond the horizon and witness a once in a lifetime whale-watching extravaganza. Experience hump-backed whales like never before as they return from their Antarctic feeding grounds to the warmer climate of the South Pacific. Listen to the inimitable whale song through a high-tech hydrophone and observe whole schools of whales as they carry out their unforgettable mating rituals. Depending on the season, you could even get the opportunity to swim with these incredible animals.

Best Time To Travel
Weather-wise, the best time to visit Tonga is between May and September. During this time you will experience hour after hour of golden sunshine and tempting temperatures of around 30ºC. If you’ve got your heart set on a whale watching adventure whilst relaxing on Fafa Island however, be sure to plan your visit between July and November.

How To Get There
Unless travelling from the South Pacific region, guests wishing to travel to Fafa Island are in for a long, but completely worthwhile journey. Guests travelling in from Australia and New Zealand can take advantage of several options flying directly to the Tongan capital of Nuku’alofa. European and American travellers are a little more limited, with connections from London typically flying via Los Angeles and then onto either New Zealand, or directly to the Kingdom of Tonga. From Nuku’alofa, a transfer service can be arranged, taking you the short distance from the airport to your incredible island destination.

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