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Freehold Private Island with Lodge Permit

There are over 4,000 islands in Tasmania but only a dozen or so are freehold and most of these are remote, inaccessible and unlikely to provide any sort of return for the owner. Picnic Island is a totally unique offering for someone wanting to own their own island but also ensuring a financial return.

The location is simply stunning, set in a bay at the foot of the magnificent Hazards mountain range and just around the corner from Wineglass Bay, one of the world’s top beaches. On the other side of the bay is the Saffire Freycinet resort, which has just won the best boutique hotel in the world award. The island is only 800 metres offshore from Coles Bay, a premier tourist town on Tasmania’s east coast. As a tourism proposition, one could not ask for a better location.

Construction has recently concluded on the 10-person lodge, clad in copper and cantilevered over the high water mark, as well as a second building which includes a communal lounge, bathroom and kitchen area.  These buildings, designed by Tasmanian architect John Latham, are set to be architectural icons for Tasmania. Picnic Island is one of the very few waterfront freehold titles that does not have any Crown reserve and is in private ownership right to the high water mark. The island now also features two jetties, two swing moorings, 40 000 litres of rainwater storage and a desalination plant so you never run out of water.

In addition to the breathtaking scenery, the island is home to over 1,000 penguin burrows. This lodge is the only place in the world, where guests can sleep within a penguin rookery. The nightly “penguin parade” of scores of penguins returning to their burrows to feed their chicks is one of the unique potential tourist offerings.

Real estate and tourism in Tasmania is booming. Picnic Island is an opportunity to get a piece of the action which will forever increase in value such is its rarity.



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