Big La Mouna Island Properties

Nova Scotia | Canada East/Central

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  • Size from approx. 1.2 acres
  • Price from CAD 91,000 incl. additional costs
  • Location Queens County
  • Country/State Nova Scotia
  • Region Canada East/Central

You could potentially invest in this private island. We offer attractive building lots with direct water frontage on a 370,000 sqm island. You and a maximum of 33 other families can be part-owners of an island in one of the largest and most beautiful lakes in Nova Scotia, with connections to electricity, water and internet, as well as a boat mooring.

Ponhook Lake is the largest and most popular lake in Nova Scotia with hundreds of hidden coves, peninsulas and islands. Pure nature with clear waters and a magnificent old tree population await you here. Immerse yourself incomplete calm close to the well-known Kejimkujik National Park. A natural gem can be found near the shoreline: the private island Big La Mouna, 370,000 sqm and subdivided into 34 waterfront lots, all of which can be built upon.

The latest in environmental technology will be installed for power and sewage and a mobile phone network ensures the availability of telephone and internet. A boat mooring is situated on the opposite-lying mainland. The enchanting lake scenery of Ponhook Lake with its variety of leisure-time possibilities is a delight. The lake is a paradise for sailing, fishing, surfing, bathing and motorboat enthusiasts from April until October. In the winter months, conditions are top for cross-country skiing.


No. Size in qm
Size in total Waterfront in m/total Price
D 5,364 70/324
D 4,987 44/234
D 6,155 56/234
D 6,124 22,630 64/234 CAD 100,000 +transfer cost
E 8,541 58/265
E 10,968 77/265
E 9,975 61/265
E 9,858 39,342 69/265 CAD 100,000 +transfer cost
F 9,870 99/304
F 7,038 70/304
F 7,398 66/304
F 7,435 31,741 69/304 CAD 100,000 +transfer cost
G 7,332 62/277
G 7,156 66/277
G 7,090 70/277
G 6,934 28,512 79/277 CAD 100,000 +transfer cost
H approx. 46,180 85 CAD 91,000 +transfer cost
I   approx. 38,390 138 CAD 95,000 +transfer cost

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