Ocean Property Terence Bay

Nova Scotia | Canada East/Central

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  • Size 22.8 acres
  • Price
    • CAD 349,000
    • EUR 224,857
    • USD 246,825
    • GBP 201,786
    • SEK 2,476,976
    • CHF 237,921
    • AUD 409,441
    • BRL 1,257,061
    • NZD 417,064
    • FJD 535,159
    • CNY 1,751,498
    • RUB 19,423,544
  • Location Halifax County
  • Country/State Nova Scotia
  • Region Canada East/Central

A picturesque ocean property with the perfect location

This south-facing Canadian lot lies directly along the Atlantic coast, offering uninterrupted views of the ever-changing seascapes. Home to an attractive sandy beach and a long waterfront, the property forms the perfect starting point for a quick and easy trip to Terence Bay’s neighbouring fishing villages, whereas the provincial capital of Halifax is equally easy to access, thanks to Nova Scotia’s far reaching and efficient road transport network.

With its modern flair and international charm, it’s possible to reach this famous harbour city in only 30 minutes. Home to countless shops, restaurants, universities, galleries and other important facilities, Halifax is a city which is well and truly on the up. As more and more international businesses begin to call Halifax their home, you can be sure that the value of this coastal property will rise and rise.

A further advantage of this Canadian coastal estate is its connection to electricity and telecommunications network. Situated along a good quality asphalt road, the lot can easily be accessed and lends itself to development. Currently hidden behind a dense covering of shrubbery, greenery and small trees, the land offers unlimited possibilities, including the construction of a small docking area and a property.


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