Motukawaiti Island

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Rare Private Island For Sale

Located next to the Matauri Bay, Motukawaiti Island is one of the famous Cavalli Islands, and one of the only private islands in the region.

At a humongous 37.9 hectares (approximately) in size, it is easily visible even in the world map. Formerly built as a luxury spa retreat and lodge.

The island has the following building structures:
1x master suite (bedroom, indoor jacuzzi, shower & toilet, massage room, water massage room, living room, kitchen, and an outdoor spa pool).
1x massage room with sauna.
1x sunroom equipped with retractable double bed, kitchen, shower and toilet, and an outdoor pool.
1x wine cellar capable of housing hundreds of bottles of wine.
1x 3 bedroom unit including two en-suites, kitchen and living room.
1x commercial kitchen unit with a bedroom, shower and toilet.


In summary, there are a total of six bedrooms, five showers and toilets, four kitchens, a massage and sauna room, a huge wine cellar, and an outdoor pool.

It has its own water sources bored from the ground, providing virtually endless supply of water.

Power sources include solar panels, a diesel generator and an array of batteries to store the electricity for hours.

Cooking and hot water are powered by bottled gas.

As private as this, it is only a 10 minutes boat ride from the closest beach, Matauri Bay.

Whether it is to build an absolutely private sanctuary for the ultimate lifestyle, or to develop this into a popular destination resort, this island has massive potentials yearning to be explored.

Current owner has moved overseas for several years and this island and requires some maintenance. As such, for the price of a small mansion, you could ascend the throne to become the king and own this island!




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