Zopango Island

Nicaragua | Central America

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  • Size1.98 acres
  • Price
    • USD 1,500,000
    • EUR 1,425,314
    • GBP 1,222,491
    • CAD 1,946,551
    • SEK 15,242,303
    • CHF 1,435,576
    • AUD 2,173,318
    • BRL 7,817,987
    • NZD 2,384,692
    • FJD 3,392,246
    • CNY 10,045,325
    • RUB 167,048,176
    • NOK 14,872,434
    • XPF 170,438,997
  • LocationAsese Bay in Lake Cocibolca, near Granada
  • Country/State Nicaragua
  • Region Central America

Temperature gets hotter… Clean freshwater is becoming an increasingly precious supply and very unevenly distributed in the world… Electrical power is also scarce and expensive …

Invest in this paradise island… Zopango Natural Island totally off the grid and self-sufficient for energy and water, located in Asese Bay… (Part of the huge Lake Nicaragua or Cocibolca, also called the Sweet Sea, the largest lake of Central America).

Zopango Natural Island is a small archipelago that includes the main island and two small islets very close by, right next to the Asese Peninsula (refer to map in the pictures section), at 38 meters above sea level.

Zopango Natural Island is just 1 ½ hours away from Managua international airport and 30 minutes away from Granada´s colonial center.

To get to Zopango Natural Island, there are two options:
1/ 15 min drive from Granada center to Marina Cocibolca (by Asese harbor), which has yachts, restaurants, a gas station, secured parking 24/7… & then 15 mn by boat from Marina Cocibolca to Zopango Natural Island.

2/ 25 min drive from Granada center to El Rayo dock (end of the Asese Peninsula dirt road) & 5 min by boat.

It is important to mention that Granada, oldest colonial town of Central America, is located in the dry zone of Nicaragua and has never been concerned by any earthquakes, floods, cyclones or tornadoes.

As a really sustainable paradise, Zopango Natural Island is loved and protected by the owner, a French Landscape Decorator, and has been blessed with a warm year-round climate, gentle breezes, peaceful waves, very good water quality, lush & pristine nature, no mosquitoes and a low level of humidity for this tropical area.

The island has the largest beach area of all the islands of the Bay, with more than 200 sq. meters. Its waters are the safest to swim in because of its naturally calm waters and wind shield provided by the Peninsula and Zopango Natural Island’s two little islets.

The island is located in a gorgeous neighborhood that makes you feel comfortable and secure, near El Jicaro island which is a 5 stars Eco lodge.

Zopango Natural Island has belonged to a French family for the past 11 years, a legal uncontested owner who can offer a clean transfer to the new owner. Additional buildings are legally allowed on the island and short & long term rentals are also permitted.

Entirely off the grid, Zopango Natural Island works on solar power with 12 rooftop panels. Also, there is a professional water filtration and purification system as well as a buried septic tank with on-call maintenance. Zopango Natural Island employs a local caretaker who also drives Zopango Natural Island’s boat, and his wife is the cook and housekeeper.

Two main constructions on Zopango Natural Island:
Casa Zopango, originally built as a “Family House”, and Zopango Birds Lodge, was built in 2016, for guests.

Casa Zopango total capacity is 8 adults & 2 kids, with 2 rooms on the first floor (each room with its own terrace) and one large Suite with a kitchen at the second (and last) floor, with a huge terrace. On the ground floor, there is one small apartment for the island’s keeper. Zopango Birds Lodge capacity is 2 adults. Casa Zopango house is newly built and all the electrical domestic / household appliances, wooden furniture and bathroom sinks, showers and toilets are brand new.

In addition to these constructions, Zopango Natural Island has a main Palapa with a palm roof, a mezzanine lounge, a huge kitchen, and another small Palapa for massages or naps in hammocks.

The island has 4 docks and a launching boat ramp. There are 3 boats included with the island: 2 totally silent 5 seaters electric-powered boats as well as a conventional 16 seaters “Lancha” boat with a 4 strokes 15 hp Suzuki motor and also some Sit-on-top kayaks made in France and their equipments.

Zopango Natural Island has Wi-Fi and a very good reception for mobile phones!

Business opportunities already offered by Zopango Natural Island are: private and corporate events rental, overnight stays at Casa Zopango, Zopango Birds Lodge, and Safari-style nights ‘Under the Stars of Zopango Natural Island’ (with tailor made & comfy wooden camp beds).

For the new owner, Zopango Natural Island offers many opportunities to enjoy and share great experiences with family, friends, guests… part time or full time!!

It’s possible to build 4-5 nice Lodges on the model of Zopango Birds Lodge. The current owner could monitor the building of new constructions and/or give useful information about the team of workers he used to employ and the trusted persons he dealt with for different matters.

Our guests range from families, birdwatchers, yoga practices, writers, painters, business men, cigar clubs etc., many of whom travel to Zopango Natural Island several times a year to escape from the hustle and bustle of their busy life. They spend an unforgettable time wandering around Zopango Natural Island, swimming, fishing and having great and peaceful moments to discuss together.

Zopango Natural Island is the perfect destination, easy to reach from the US and close by a lot of interesting spots of Nicaragua (Mombacho and Masaya volcanoes with hikes, coffee haciendas and zip-lining tours, San Juan del Sur, gorgeous surf beaches and great fishing spots, sandboarding Cerro Negro etc), and the perfect place to reconnect with oneself, its loving ones, and Nature!

For personal reasons, the owners have to go back to France to live and therefore they also sell their beautiful and luxurious colonial house in Granada together with their 11 seats station wagon Land Cruiser.
The sellers suggest coming to Zopango Natural Island for a 2 or 3 nights stay to think about the many possibilities this beautiful place offers and then adjust and develop your vision for the island accordingly.
A refund for the stay is available at time of purchase.

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