Pakea au Vanuatu

Vanuatu | Pacific Ocean

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Pakea au Vanuatu consists of 108 hectares of commercial land and 5 hectares of agricultural land. It is available for a remaining (renewable) period of 63 years.

There are 4 small traditional farés located on the island. The construction of further houses would also be possible subject to building permits. Currently, 6 people live on the island and look after the maintenance and safeguarding of the island.

There are also a number of breeding pigs and goats. Apart from modest agricultural activities, tourist activities include fishing and diving. The surrounding sea abounds in lobster and fish. Many fruit trees can also be found around the island.

Water is supplied via a pump into the water table of the island, as well as via a number of freshwater recovery stations. Electricity is supplied via a generator and a solar generator. Digicel and TVL networks, as well as an internet connection are all available on the island. An earth track around the island currently measures approx. 650 metres and could be slightly extended to 750 metres.

There is a broad pass to access the island without difficultly. The island is located approx. 20 minutes by boat from the capital Mota Lava or it is possible to stock up on everything. (around 1,500 people) and approx. 40 minutes by airplane (Twin of Air Vanuatu) from Santo international airport. Private jets from New Zealand/Asia/America can also land directly on Santo. In Vanuatu, the Banks Islands are the most preserved.

Annual rents (approximate figures in Euro) are EUR 1,700 for the 108 hectares and EUR 450 for the 5 hectares.

Clarification: With the purchase of the island, the investor is offered a 10-year residence permit for himself and his family.

To date, Vanuatu has not been affected by the CORONA VIRUS.




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