San Antonio Properties

Uruguay | South America

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  • Sizetotal approx. 3.5 acres
  • Price USD 3,532,260 (price/sqm: USD 250)
  • LocationSan Antonio
  • Country/State Uruguay
  • Region South America

San Antonio is a neighbourhood located over the Rocha sea, a few minutes away from La Pedrera, where the beach is unique with virgin sands and a beautiful landscape. The place is established with big houses: some already finished (houses’ values over USD 3.000.000) and others in construction (one of the houses has a construction value of USD 2.000.000). The regulation allows the construction of houses, posadas and condo hotel due to their big surface. Big houses will be a common denominator in the area as it is only allowed to build up houses with no less than 800 m2.

What is San Antonio?

San Antonio seems to be a seaside resort constituted by lands with a great location in Rocha’s coast, which are distributed in four rows of blocks in front of the Atlantic Ocean and which are, conveniently, at 5km of La Pedrera (a seaside resort that it is being developed). In San Antonio there can be find virgin beaches and a very particular geography and vegetation. Nonetheless, it is a very possible and wished future for millions of citizens around the world.

The buyers and promising buyers of San Antonio are acquiring a place to live what they have left of life (totally or partially) respecting as much as possible their environment, combiningcomfort with nature. Solar energy, wind power, water treatment plants, underground wells tohave the best water quality are some of the potential services that could be developed in San Antonio but always with clear and non-restrictive rules of coexistence. Such rules are inspiredin the respect for the other and for the species that coexist.

The one who buys San Antonio is buying idealism: what they could do in what they have left of life. It is a suitable environment for developing this kind of lifestyle that is also pursued bypeople who have found in their lives the economic success as a consequence of being good atwhat they did and perceive that their lives in the city lack the values that can be found here. Obviously there are people who seek at a certain moment in their lives other values (art, music,cultural life). However, that would not be the public that would be attracted to San Antonio. This area is suggested to those who seek and choose a simple life in harmony with neighboursand with the environment.

In short, the public that approaches San Antonio buys the possibility of a better life and future (very similar to what Europeans were looking for in the Americas a few centuries ago) preserving and caring for the environment.





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