Motu Moie

French Polynesia | Pacific Ocean

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Discover the beauty of the Polynesian lifestyle. Explore the unspoiled natural surroundings, fish for your own dinner, and relax on your own white sand beach. If you long for peaceful tranquility, far from the stresses of everyday life, this paradise could be all yours. A life changing environment to cherish forever.

The current accommodations include owners bungalow, three guest beach bungalows, dining and relaxing bungalow, caretakers house, sports Bungalow, and utility buildings. Fresh water is supplied by the islands natural coral filtered well, and electricity for refrigeration and lighting is solar powered.

Flights from Los Angeles and other international cities arrive in Papeete daily. A 40 minute local flight brings you to Raiatea/Tahaa, then a short lagoon boat ride brings you to the Motu Moie. Basic supplies, restaurants and shopping, as well as gourmet foods from France and around the world are available locally.

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