Top 10 Private Island Castles around the World

Castle Mauensee, Lake Mauensee, Switzerland

This beautiful castle island is a dream come true for its owner, who discovered it during a training exercise with the Swiss Army. Memories of this idyllic island stayed with the young officer long after his military service was complete, with dreams of a life on Mauensee accompanying him throughout his career as an economic diplomat and art patron. In 1998, however, he finally took the plunge, moving into the beautifully restored 12th century estate with his wife for a real fairy tale ending.

Isola di Loreto, Lake Iseo, Italy

Constructed in 1910 by Royal Navy Captain Vincenzo Richieri, the enchanted neo-Gothic castle on Isola di Loreto is truly a lesson in decadence – a small piece of paradise with a magnificent marina and a wonderfully well-tended garden. Looming over Lombardy’s Lake Iseo, the decadent castle island had humble beginnings, however, and once hosted a 15th century convent of Clarisse nuns, each of whom took a vow of poverty as a mark of their devotion to God.

Boldt Castle, St. Lawrence River, New York State, USA

Intended to be the most romantic Valentine’s Day present of all time, the construction of Boldt Castle began in 1900. After changing the shape of the island’s shoreline to resemble a heart, wealthy hotelier George Boldt then began construction of a lavishly appointed 100-room castle – all with the aim of impressing his one true love, Louise. A happy ending was not in sight, however – Louise tragically passed away before the project was complete, plunging George into a deep despair and causing him to abandon the project completely. The island was later purchased by the Thousand Islands Bridge Authority, who rescued the island castle from its disrepair, investing tens of millions to restore the castle to its original opulent state.

Castle Stalker, Scotland, United Kingdom

Once a popular hunting ground for Scotland’s King James IV; Castle Stalker - or to give it its Gaelic name, Caisteal Stalcair (Castle of the Hunter) - can be found on a tidal islet just off Scotland’s western coast. Presented to the King by loyal subject Duncan Stewart of Appin in 1540, the island’s tower house remains well-preserved to this day, and is open to the public at selected times throughout the summer months.

Mainau Island, Lake Constance, Germany

Located just off the banks of Lake Constance, the Castle of the Teutonic Order can be found on the unashamedly picturesque Mainau Island. A highlight for horticulturists, the island is completely covered in colorful displays of snow drops, wild roses, dahlias and much, much more. It is the island’s baroque castle (built between 1739 and 1746) that truly steals the show, however, forming a dramatic backdrop to the many banquets and wedding ceremonies that take place here.

Singer Castle, St. Lawrence River, New York State, USA

Of all the islands in America’s Thousand Islands region, one in particular stands head and shoulders above the rest: Dark Island. Home to the magnificent Singer Castle, the jewel in the crown of the 1000 Islands chain has attracted attention ever since Frederick Bourne – President of the Singer Manufacturing Company – commissioned its creation towards the end of the 19th century. Most recently used as the location for reality TV show “The Great Escape”, Singer Castle also forms a great location for weddings, anniversary celebrations or even a family vacation.

Further information on Singer Castle on Dark Island

Brecqhou Island, Sark, Channel Islands

Brecqhou Island, part of the scenic Channel Island Group, is a world apart from the hustle and bustle of the British mainland. Bought in 1993 by Sir David and Sir Frederick Barclay – the billionaire brothers responsible for The Telegraph Group – BrecqhBrecqhou Islandou is home to a mock-Gothic castle – the perfect hideaway for the reclusive siblings. Boasting thick granite walls, sturdy-looking battlements, two pools and even its own helicopter pad, Brecqhou is every inch a modern classic of the castle island world.

Lake Castle Ort, Traunsee, Austria

Surrounded by mountains, pretty towns and lakeside villages, Castle Ort can be found on an island on the Traunsee Lake in Upper Austria. A small island with a big history, the castle has passed through many hands since its construction in 1080 – including those of a king and a duke – before most recently being acquired by the city of Gmunden itself in 1995. A popular destination for private celebrations, the picture-perfect island is also home to a family-run restaurant famed for its regional specialties.

Château de Chillon, Lake Geneva, Switzerland

Located along the shores of Lake Geneva, and with the snow-capped peaks of the Alps visible in the distance, it’s little wonder that Château de Chillon is one of Switzerland’s most visited historic monuments. A veritable architectural jewel, the castle has inspired scores of writers and artists, including everyone from Jean-Jacques Rousseau to Victor Hugo and onwards to Lord Byron and Delacroix. Why not let it inspire you, too - Château de Chillon can also be booked for events, meetings and special occasions.




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