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  1. Middelgrunds Fort (archived)
    Middelgrunds Fort Denmark Europe: Atlantic Øresund, off Copenhagen
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  2. Flak Fort (archived)
    Flak Fort Denmark Europe: Atlantic Øresund
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  3. Hanikatsi Island (archived)
    Hanikatsi Island Estonia Europe: Atlantic Baltic Sea, Hiiu County, South East of Hiiumaa
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  4. Daily Mail (22.02.2019): A real getaway!
    A real getaway! A real getaway! A real getaway!
  5. Kiiski-Saari Island (archived)
    Kiiski-Saari Island Finland Europe: Atlantic Lake Saimaa
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  6. The Aateli Island (for rent)
    Europe: Atlantic, Finland
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  7. Château Bussière (archived)
    Château Bussière France Europe: Atlantic near Tours
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  8. Île de Boëdic (archived)
    Île de Boëdic France Europe: Atlantic Golf du Morbihan, Brittany
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  9. Château Malromé (archived)
    Château Malromé France Europe: Atlantic St-Andre-du-Bois, Aquitaine, (80 km from Bordeaux)
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  10. Château Bergerac (archived)
    Château Bergerac France Europe: Atlantic Bergerac, southwest of France
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