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Sensational Private Island Purchase

As a US-based charity breaks a world record with a USD 120 million private island purchase, we take a look-back at the recent examples of governments and conservancies buying islands.

These Private Island Paradises Must Be Sold!

Going, going, gone! Bargain hunters get ready - as one entire island archipelago gets set to go to auction, another of our exotic island escapes has undergone a significant price reduction.

Coffee Table Book: The World`s 101 Best Islands

The World's 101 Best Islands invites the reader on a global journey of a different kind—on a stunning island-hopping trip … more>>

Coffee Table Book:
Swiss and Alpine Islands

Editor Farhad Vladi offers an insider’s take on these little-known gems. The most beautiful private Alpine islands, plus additional Swiss-owned international islands.

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Wedding Specials: Where romance reigns supreme…

Our exotic island weddings and island honeymoons are a match made in heaven. Our private island packages mean it couldn't be easier to rent an island for your big day.

The difference between FOR SALE & SOLD

A selection of islands which have successfully changed hands in the last 40 years thanks to the trusted advice of Farhad Vladi, the world’s leading island expert.

Private Island Success in China

Your private island partner in China – perfectly positioned to provide our Asian clients all they need to successfully invest in the island market.

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