Properties on Norfolk Island

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Norfolk Island is a relatively volcanic outrcrop, approximately 8km long and 5km wide, with a total area of 3855ha.
It is regarded as a popular tax-free shopping destination for predominantly Australian an New Zealand tourists.

Channer's on Norfolk is highly regarded and provide above average quality accommodation within close proximity to the town centre at a reasonable tariff.

The property is centrally located on the island, south east and within walking distance of the commercial centre. Surrounding development includes single dwellings and tourist accommodation developments, mainly of timber or fibro construction.

Building with 4 accommodation units:
A renovated 2 storey house converted and extended for tourist accommodation purposes

Building with 2 accommodation units:
Two adjoining, purpose built, identical, 1 bedroom units

The residence:
A two storey home of modern design with sub floor garage and laundry

Then there are also a Transit Lounge and a Storage/Pump Shed with attached carports.

The business include 6 automatic hire cars, a small utility, and an airport pick up vehicle.




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