Roys Peninsula Wanaka

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The subject property comprises a prime Rural General zoned 23.79 ha vacant site located on the northern side of Roys Peninsula. The property has an undulating contour and affords outstanding views over Lake Wanaka and the surrounding mountains. A land use consent, subject to conditions, has been granted to establish a residential building platform on the site, which is located in an elevated and private position. 

Given the property has a landscape classification of Outstanding Natural Feature under the Queenstown Lakes District Council’s Operative District Plan, the fact that this consent has been granted is considered beneficial in terms of the value of the property as obtaining approval for such use is often a highly contentious and costly process.

There are no buildings on the site apart from a temporary outhouse, which contains bathroom facilities. Due to the nature of this structure, it has been excluded as part of the valuation process. Fencing is provided on or close to boundaries of the property, apart from the Lake Wanaka frontage. 

Vegetation on site includes extensive areas of bracken as well as kanuka, matagouri, mingimingi and cabbage trees. The property also features small ephemeral wetlands, mainly in the east part of the property, and some rocky outcrops along the northern portion of the property.




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