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  • Completely undeveloped private island in Lake Superior
  • Located in the well protected Batchawana Bay
  • 45 minutes north of Sault Ste. Marie
  • Extensive timber value - details available to qualified purchasers
  • Zoning provides for a wide variety of Residential, recreational or other uses
  • Full package available
  • Minutes from the mainland

Situated within the Canadian waters of Lake Superior - the largest lake in the world - lies Batchawana Island, one of Canada's largest privately owned Islands.  

Completely forested and undeveloped, Batchawana Island appears today largely as it would have at any point in the last thousand years.  Approximately 5,200 acres, this quiet sentinel has witnessed the passing of countless generations of First Nations, Hudsons Bay’s fur traders, European explorers and more recent travelers that have encountered its quiet and unrelenting shores.

Batchawana Island represents an opportunity to acquire a significant land holding with extensive timber value and the potential to create a lasting legacy property for generations to come. Additional uses such as a private hunting or fishing lodge, or a more public hospitality style operation are also distinct possibilities for this incredible asset.

Canada is a stable country with a strong and growing economy and a high standard of living for its diversified population. Coupled with significant natural resources and its 'living landscape', Canada continues to attract high levels of foreign investment - both human and financial capital.

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