Manuhangi Atoll

Französisch Polynesien | Pazifischer Ozean

Manuhangi (also known as Te Fara) is an atoll of the Tuamotu Archipelago in French Polynesia. Discovered in 1767 by the Navigator Samuel Wallis, Manuhangi atoll became a French territory in the mid-nineteenth century.

Located 845 km east of Tahiti, the old Paumotu (Tuamotu's inhabitants) called this small atoll "manu hagi" (meaning "the loving bird"), with a length of 5.4 km and a maximum width of 3.6 km. It has an oval shape and a coral reef completely enclosing a small lagoon. Manuhangi has a hook-shaped island covering the east and northeast of its reef. Manuhangi is a protected area where various species of birds and coconuts crabs are found in coconut groves.

The quality of the water is so exceptional that it's easy to admire the fauna.
It also offers the possibility to create a pearl farm or an aquaculture farm.

3 small houses and a chapel had been built on this uninhabited atoll.

Whatever your choice is, serenity and pleasure will be waiting for you with the purchase of this entire atoll.




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