Scipio Cay

Belize | Zentralamerika

This is one of the most naturally beautiful private islands in the Caribbean. It is very accessible, located 5 miles east of Placencia. Once in the boat, you be there in 15 minutes!

Scipio is a solid coral based island with a sandy western beach of well over 700 feet. The entire shoreline measures nearly 2,000 feet with the western side being sand and the eastern side being coral. There is ample safe anchorage in front of the island along the western side.

The water surrounding the island is crystal clear with fantastic visibility. Just off the southwestern shore lies a favorite snorkeling area for locals and some tourist excursions. Scuba diving is spectacular just off the eastern shore.

The island is high in elevation and well protected by a solid coral base and coral shore line along the western side. It's one of the few islands in the country that needs no filling at all.

Scipio is located outside the marine reserve so private or commercial development is a much quicker process for Scipio. Towering coconut palms are all over the island and continuously producing coconuts.

There are several local fishermen that are camping on the island and have agreed to vacate or stay on as tenants once a new owner takes possession. These people have acted as caretakers of the island and have kept it in good condition with minimal jungle overgrowth.




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