Orkney & Tidmarsh Island

Nova Scotia | Kanada Ost/Zentral

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  • GrößeOrkney I.: ca. 6,7 ha, Tidmarsh I.: ca. 9,7 ha
  • Preis
    • CAD 350.000
    • EUR 237.514
    • USD 258.296
    • GBP 204.357
    • SEK 2.700.886
    • CHF 226.350
    • AUD 390.662
    • BRL 1.271.600
    • NZD 418.926
    • FJD 565.282
    • CNY 1.845.124
    • RUB 27.836.828
    • NOK 2.778.434
    • XPF 28.401.873
  • LageHalifax County
  • Land/Staat Nova Scotia
  • Region Kanada Ost/Zentral

Pure and untouched nature!


Tidmarsh Island and Orkney Island are two beautiful untouched islands with rocky and sandy coasts, located approx. 300 metres from the mainland of Mitchell Bay.

Both islands are well-wooded and offer a safe and natural cove between them for mooring. Building permission can be granted to build a home on each of these islands and an underwater power line could be brought over from the mainland.

Mitchell Bay is dotted with dozens of islands and is very popular for sailing and water-sports. Sheet Harbour, only about 25 minutes away, offers many shopping facilities and amenities. Halifax is about 2 hours away.




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