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So much more than simply a private island rental holiday, a vacation on Osea Island is a private island experience. Located close to the city of London (less than one hour by train from Liverpool Street), but separated from the English mainland by a mysterious tidal road, Osea Island is perfect for those looking for a retreat from city life whilst still remaining close to day-to-day business affairs. This exclusive private island is home to an abundance of flora and fauna. The perfect location to relax and unwind, you’ll be made to feel at home in the vast array of luxurious accommodation. There truly is something to suit all tastes here, ranging from cozy 17th century hamlets to romantic beach cottages, all the way to palatial Edwardian mansions. Despite the difference in ambience and architecture, these incredible properties all have one great thing in common – breath-taking views of the stunning scenery. Adorned with a rugged coast, lush green fields and that unique, winding tidal road protruding out of the dark waters of the Blackwater Estuary, the vista is filmic in its grandeur and will haunt your memories long after your private island rental on Osea Island has come to an end.

Prices are seasonal and begin from GBP 309.00 for a weeklong stay in one of the island’s many cottages.

Located in the estuary of the River Blackwater in Essex, Osea Island is located conveniently close to London – a mere hour-long drive from the bright lights of Britain’s inimitable metropolis. Close enough to the city to still be connected with the modern world but rural enough to allow the stresses and strains of city life to melt away, Osea Island offers the perfect private island rental solution for those who like to keep their finger on the pulse.

Osea is home to a broad range of accommodation facilities, so you’ll be sure to find the perfect private island abode for your own individual needs. With accommodation options ranging from old farmhouses, quaint cottages, stunning beach-houses and stylish Edwardian courts, the choice really is all yours! A popular option includes the Village complex – a range of 15 traditional cottages with their architectural roots firmly placed in the 17th century. Centered around the Clubhouse and the Old Chapel restaurant, these quaint cottages are perfectly placed in the heart of the action, allowing you to get stuck into the fabulous range of activities on offer with no problems at all. The real jewel in Osea’s crown, however, is without a doubt the fabulous Manor House. Created in a decadent Edwardian style, this palatial holiday home boasts a great history and even greater views. Overlooking the estuary, you’ll never get bored of the ever-changing vistas presented by the churning waters of the Blackwater Estuary. Consisting of 10 bedrooms and suites all equipped with the very latest in technology, you’ll be dazzled by the lengths the owners have gone to make your stay on the Island of Osea a memorable one. Enjoy good company in great surroundings during an evening in the 18th century drawing room or retire for a game of billiards in the antique library room. There’s even a private salt-water pool to entertain guests in during the warmer summer months – what more could you possibly need?

Osea Island is home to two expert Cordon Bleu trained chefs, both of whom will strive to match all of your culinary expectations during your private island holiday on Osea. Self-sufficiency and local produce are of extreme importance on Osea Islands, meaning that the vast majority of the ingredients in your mouth-watering meals will have been produced either on the island itself or on the nearby mainland. With the very best of British ingredients at their disposal, the Osea cooking team aspires to produce a broad range of international fayre with a British twist. Theme nights are de rigeur here, encompassing all aspects of the culinary spectrum, from traditional British food, to Indian banquets and hearty Italian cuisine. You’ll even have the chance to learn from the best, thanks to a great range of cookery courses. Whether you prefer to learn an inspiring collection of healthy recipes or whether you choose to indulge your sweet tooth with a delectable dessert only event, we guarantee you’ll never look at food in quite the same way!

There is any number of activities to enjoy during your relaxing private island rental. Taking the often unpredictable British weather into account, the owners of Osea Island have gone out of their way to provide an interesting array of both indoor and outdoor activities for you to participate in. Take advantage of the sunshine and the handsome seascape surrounding Osea with sailing lessons or a boat tour of the nearby coves and coast. Surrender to the call of nature during your stay, and indulge in an organized bird-watching session. Under the supervision of our ornithological experts, you’ll be well on your way to spotting the 5 incredibly rare breeds of English Owl nesting away on Osea. Inspired by all of this natural beauty? Sign up for one of our artistic workshops and get those creative juices flowing!  For more of a sporting vacation, be sure to take advantage of the private tennis courts or improve your physique under the watchful eyes of our personal training team. If you’re looking for a more indulgent getaway, book yourself in for a relaxing massage, followed by a wine-tasting class. It is also possible to enroll on a cookery class or try your hand at a bit of jam or chutney making. If you prefer to keep away from the kitchen during your decadent vacation, allow your taste buds to be tantalized by the incredible cuisine on offer at our exclusive dining destination – the Chapel.

Best Time to Travel:
The island is available to rent all year round, offering a different ambience depending on when you choose to travel. Temperatures really begin to climb between June and September, with average highs of 22 degrees.

How to get there:
Osea is a tidal island, and as such, the tide levels must be taken into account when planning your arrival. Guests traveling to Osea will receive a tidal chart allowing them to drive across to the island with ease during low tide. A list of approved taxi companies will also be provided, should you decide to travel without your own means of transport. A helicopter journey from nearby Battersea Airport is also an option, but in order to get that true island experience, we recommend the executive motorboat transfer. Setting sail from London, this journey is an adventure in itself, coming with canapés, a champagne reception as well as a wide range of other snacks and beverages. It truly is the perfect way to begin your luxurious private island holiday.




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