Fanny Key

Florida | USA

  • GrößeGesamtfläche: ca. 0,8 ha, Wohnfläche: ca. 465 qm
  • LageMonroe County
  • Land/Staat Florida
  • Region USA

Guests are invited to board the 24 ft. pontoon boat to make the short journey from the mainland lot to their new private island idyll. The three berth dock provides ample space for larger vessels and allows for an easy transition to island life. Alternatively, the island’s own helipad lends itself perfectly for a more adventurous arrival, ensuring your stay starts with style.

Home to a splendid residence which offers four bedrooms, two bathrooms and additional guest residence, you’ll soon feel at home on this magnificent coral island. Whether you choose to unwind by the pool or take in the sun from the observation deck above, you will be spoiled by picturesque panoramas wherever you turn. Furthermore, the island is home to running water and a stable 50 amp electrical connection, all for your comfort.




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