San Pedro Island

Panama | Zentralamerika

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  • Größeca. 1.884 ha
  • Preis
    • USD 5.000.000
    • EUR 4.653.327
    • GBP 4.092.136
    • CAD 6.894.369
    • SEK 52.154.490
    • CHF 4.594.695
    • AUD 7.533.271
    • BRL 26.662.634
    • NZD 8.063.751
    • FJD 11.074.919
    • CNY 34.353.653
    • RUB 545.374.593
    • NOK 52.612.843
    • XPF 556.444.858
  • LageProvinz Chiriqui
  • Land/Staat Panama
  • Region Zentralamerika


San Pedro Island is an exceptionally beautiful haven with its own tropical forest with animals like monkeys, with many species of indigenous plants and trees like banana plants and with an amazing variety of bird species found in the area. Also, this island features endless beaches, a gentle surf and pleasant climate, lush vegetation, palms waving in the breeze and a tropical atmosphere. The beaches are visited frequently by a variety of sea turtles such as the White Turtle.

It’s a flat island with fresh water streams and the option of additional water from drilled wells. Located in the Gulf of Chiriquí, one of the world’s primary locations to fish for Black Marlin, Blue Marlin, Swordfish, Cubera Snapper, Yellowfin Tuna, Wahoo and numerous other species of marine life.


• Ground Sand Area - 602 hectares, 5,750 meters.
• Mangrove Area - 1,213 hectares, 7,500 meters.
• Sand Area – 69 hectares, 2,500 meters.
• Beach Area – 7 kilometers.
2/3 is a mixture of rich black dirt and sand, which means excellent drainage and the perfect environment for plant growth. A natural causeway.

Currently only accessible by boat.






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